NILS Clutch Trial

NILS Clutch Trial

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100% Full synthetic PAO technology multigrade to grant longlife high performances.

High performance lubricant with particularly elevated viscosity index, formulated on basis of high quality fully synthetic base oils and strictly selected and controlled additives.

It is suitable for use on motorcycles with clutch and gear lubrication separate from engine lubrication.

Particularly developed for 2T TRIAL motorbikes, but it is suitable for HARD ENDURO too.

It ensures perfect wet clutch functioning in any condition.

Size: 1L

S3 Angel Colors

Suitable for Trial and MTB, the new Angel Color Collection offers the quality of S3 with unique comfort and style.

It includes combined technical fabrics to enjoy a greater
surface of breathable areas, developed in collaboration with professional pilots, provides an extra comfort and great freedom of movement.

Extra breathable jersey, light and resistant with anatomical pattern. Pants features a useful pocket (smartphone size), knee protectors, and adjustable closure belt. Gloves Spider, minimalist design, and multidisciplinary, offer excellent touch and sensitivity.

With a clean and minimalist design, the Angel Collection is a great choice to customize the riding gear of your club, or group of friends. Send us a message for more details!

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