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Original master cylinder repair kit for Braktec Dot4 oil brake master cylinders.

Suitable for
  • BRK CL PMP 463006MO2
  • BRK CL PMP 463019MO0
  • BRK CL PMP 463030MO0
  • BRK CL PMP 463031MO0
  • BRK BR PMP 460005MO0
  • BRK BR PMP 460011MO0
  • BRK BR PMP 460012MO0
  • BRK BR PMP 460039MO0
  • BRK BR PMP 460071MO0
  • BRK BR PMP 460072MO0
  • BRK BR PMP 460074MO0
  • BRK BR PMP 460115MO0
  • BRK BR PMP 460117MO0
  • BRK CL PMP 463018MO0
  • BRK CL PMP 463019MO0

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